As a parent, you might feel unsure of what you are doing, or whether you are doing it “right.” At the same time, there is nearly an unlimited amount of information online, in books, and through word of mouth, and the information might not always be consistent with each other.

From the Yale Child Study Center to the Department of Psychology, our team has combined our various expertise and scientific backgrounds to create an online course on parenting and child development. Our goal is to offer this course to people who enroll in the Baby School, to inform you about scientifically up-to-date, evidence-based information on parenting and child development. This is a major benefit to you of enrolling in the Baby School.

Our course is hosted on Yale Canvas. Once you enroll in the Baby School, you will be contacted and given information on how to create an account and access the course materials — all for free.

Central to our course are the following three ideas:

  1. Developmental stage-specific information. Materials in the course will be organized by your child’s current age, and will provide information tailored to that stage of development.
  2. Curation of external resources. We will recommend books, lectures, and online articles in our course, but only after reviewing them for clarity and scientific accuracy.
  3. A personalized approach. We will provide brief lectures by Yale faculty on topics related to caregiving and child development, specifically filmed for this course.

Here are a few sample topics from our course:

  1. Why does your baby sleep so much during the day and not at night?
  2. How can you help your baby’s brain to develop?
  3. How will your baby develop from 1 to 4 months?

We look forward to being a part of your parenting journey!

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